Voices 4 Ability is an online radio station that provides a variety of content, both entertaining and resourceful, for people with disabilities and their allies.

Voices 4 Ability

Voices 4 Ability is unique in that it will be a social enterprise, for Connect 4 Life charity, and will have a training centre for introduction to broadcasting for people with disabilities. Our talk radio shows will be on various relevant topics such as accessibility, employment, breaking down barriers, relationships, advocacy, and barrier free living just to name a few. V4A will be a mix of music and talk radio highlighting people and organizations that have made a difference. We will be providing a resource for: people with disabilities & their families, caregivers, service providers, the aging population and so many others.

Voices 4 Ability will increase public awareness of our clients and their contribution to their communities along with issues of interest. We will help highlight entertainers, sports professionals, and business professionals, who rose above their challenges focusing on their ABILITIES.

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Voices 4 Ability
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